4 Reasons To Exhibit in a Trade Show

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Exhibiting in a Trade Show has its share of boons – greater visibility, media coverage, direct communication with clients, vendors and buyers and also to stay abreast of your competitors. Here are four reasons to exhibit in a Trade Show –

Holistic Product Experience: In general, people respond to sensory stimuli and a trade show is full of varied multifaceted dimensions. So every person visiting your kiosk is completely involved in experiencing the product through their five senses while also taking into consideration the monetary aspects. Especially with a sector like interiors, furnishings and architectural products; potential business partners, buyers, vendors, franchisors need to be able to see the colours and touch the varied textures. This helps them experience the ambiance your products create, see the finishing of designed products and also all the finer details in their entirety.

Exposure & Brand Building: Trade show is a gathering of industry people relevant to your business sector who understand the foundation of your products, the details involved, client base and most importantly the commercials generated. Trade shows are perfect platforms for brand exposure, as they give any enterprise a chance to reposition their brand, increase product awareness, gain direct publicity, conduct market surveys, and get visibility in online for more print and other media. Since a trade fair often affects the economy at large, it is also opportune to connect with international buyers, tradesmen and merchants. Another great advantage of exhibiting at trade fairs is the organic ‘word-of- mouth advertising’ as you connect directly with your clientele, and clearly communicate your brand products and other market factors. Trade fairs also aid in strengthening relations with existing clients, franchisors and vendors who want to stay abreast of your newer offerings.

Check Your Competition: Trade Fairs allow an enterprise to check out your competitor’s products on the same platform. From their display, marketing strategy, pricing to pitching plan, here’s a chance to absorb all that keeps them in business. See which are the new products they have so can upgrade your own, learn & observe your buyers requirements, attend presentations and demonstrations to know more about the market. This keeps your ideas fresh, keeps you ambitious and goal-oriented to survive in the ever-evolving business world.

Product Platform: Trade Fairs are a great investment if you know how to maximise your resources. They are a great platform to launch new products as you are already present at a venue thriving with businessmen, buyers, vendors and franchisors. You have manpower i.e your product team and your product displays can be arranged to launch your latest offerings. Since trade fairs are extensively covered by print, online and other media – you are assured of relevant exposure and visibility at all levels. Your old clientele and new buyers are already at the same venue, so you can make direct contact and save on advertising costs. Exhibiting at trade fairs help you save time and money and make for very lucrative platforms to launch new products and give a fresh look to your classic ones.

Which are the some of the reasons why you would exhibit in a trade fair? Share your views with us.

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