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The Importance Of Good Kitchen Design & Exhibition


The kitchen has become a social area, and modern living spaces tend to be an integration of eating, relaxation and cooking spaces.  Even in older properties there is a trend towards opening kitchens through into adjacent rooms to form a bigger, more sociable area. Whether your kitchen is part of an open plan area, or simply a kitchen, there are certain things which we must be able to do there efficiently and safely. Kitchen Design is one of them. In fact, the kitchen is an intensive work area, and much of the work involves potential hazards, so all the elements need to be in the right place, must provide the functionality to meet your individual needs, and must allow you to go about your kitchen work in safety.

Kitchen design is about finding the products and fittings which suit your taste and requirements, arranging them in a way which will allow you to work easily and safely, and of course providing a good looking feature within your home.  This needs to be achieved within your financial limits, and must be sturdy enough to take whatever your family throws at it.  A good design will provide you with a real asset to your home and your lifestyle.

  • What are the 6 types of kitchen design?
  1. Galley Kitchen. Also called the parallel kitchen, this is one of the most efficient kitchen layouts. …
  2. One-wall Kitchen. …
  3. U-Shaped Kitchen. …
  4. L-Shaped Kitchen. …
  5. Island Kitchen. …
  6. Peninsula or G-shaped Kitchen.

Kitchen design is not easy to incorporate. The space needs basic for modern requirements and thinking.  There are so many options now, and appliance varieties which we take as essential requirements rather than ultimate luxuries that the triangle has gained several extra points, and now we have the “working polygon”.  Storage is a key component of any modern kitchen. A walk-in pantry is a convenient storage space for dry goods. Of course, every kitchen needs ample cabinet storage for tableware, cooking utensils, and everything else. The style of cabinetry should also match the existing design throughout the rest of the home.

Lighting is an often overlooked element of good kitchen design. Task lighting under cabinets will illuminate the countertop workspace. Pendant lights are growing in popularity as another great source of task lighting, and also a point of visual interest, especially when hung over a center island. If a dining table is present in the kitchen, a candelabra fixture that casts ambient light may be best hung overhead.

The Kitchen trade shows give you the chance to explore the numerous design, technology, materials in the industry.  You can find best materials and design elements at India’s best kitchen exhibition – Index Fairs 2018 on 3rd to 6th May at Bombay Exhibition Centre.

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Things to keep in mind while designing workspaces


India has witnessed a huge boom in business workspaces over the last few years. And this sector is set to grow further, particularly keeping in mind technological advances, and the rapid evolution of workspaces in terms of design and employer and employee expectations.  The Index Trade Fair, to be held in Mumbai in May, thus presents a unique opportunity to everyone in the workspace realm to get up to date with the latest trends, as this has been the largest office furniture show since 1989.

Here are some points to keep in mind while designing for workspaces:


It is important that workspace furniture is designed with a flexible layout that can easily adapt to new and changing requirements.  Modular soft seating, modular workbenches, desk pods, meet point tables, collaborative and breakout furniture, and acoustic elements: these are all examples of smart office furniture choices to support a well-designed, high-functioning and adaptable workplace.


It is not just important that furniture in workspaces be flexible, adaptive and value for money. It should also be able to support the technology in use at the moment. For example, units that incorporate wireless charging devices are slowly receiving interest from consumers.


Since every workspace also has to consider the health of its employees, office furniture must be designed so that it improves and promotes well-being and productivity in the workplace. This is an aspect that has been embraced by architects and designers recently, but will gain more importance in the future.

You’ll find the best and well-designed office furniture at Index 2018 as it is a one of-a-kind office furniture trade show. The Index furniture exhibition will showcase the best designs  and furniture for workspaces in India and across the world, as it features exhibitors from all sectors of industry, including market leaders, who will feature their cutting-edge products, trends and designs.


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Top 5 interior design trends in India


India is a country that is home to various cultures. Every city and state has a different identity, with their food, lifestyle, etc. India has a place in many people’s hearts as one of their favorite countries, or as an essential destination on their list of countries to visit. As a host of many art & design exhibitions, the country has a lot to showcase – from its own native traditions to its adoption of modern and contemporary designs. Whether people come here for business or pleasure, they’ll find many new design exhibitions to excite and intrigue them.

One of the aspects that makes the country famous is the hospitality extended to visitors. ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ is such a famous slogan that it even featured in an advertising campaign by the tourism board. And as visitors step into our threshold, an eye-catching home can make us proud.

With 2018 coming up in a few days, here are 5 design ideas that can make your home shine:

1. Colours:  India is considered to be one of the colourful countries, thanks to its great diversity. When it comes to residential spaces, we’re now learning to use neutral shades as a base to great effect. Contrast tones like grey, brown or off white with a wall in a vibrant color to stand out. Earthy colours for walls and floors like ochre yellow or burnt orange and burnt maroon work best.

2. Patterns: We Indians have a fascination for pattern, from clothing to accessories to homes. Lightly patterned wallpaper can add a playful twist to a home.

3. Furniture: Here, think ancient, not modern. Solid pieces made of authentic woods, complete with detailed craftsmanship will add an ornate look to any room.

4. Flooring: India’s climate is usually hot; which is why marble and granite floors are the most preferred, since they don’t stain and are durable. Another big favourite is tiles, with different designs and patterns dominating the market. There’s an abundance of choice here, if you want to stand out.

5. Décor and art: The final and most important point of all is to use art in a tasteful manner. Don’t overdo it, less is more.

Want to find more inspiration, and the latest trends? Then Index 2018 is the place to be. The Index Design Exhibition features exhibitors from all sectors of industry, including market leaders, and will feature  cutting-edge products, trends and designs.

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6 ways to get maximum mileage from your trade fair participation


Reputed and well-attended industry trade fair offer a lot of opportunity. Here’s how you can get maximum return on investment from your participation – with just a tiny bit of effort on your part

Have well-trained staff: Ensure your staff and executive team members are well-trained. It’s recommended to involve only those who have complete product knowledge, interest in the brand and the organization at large, and are competent enough to handle the pressure. Since they will be the face of your company and will represent your brand directly, ensure that they are well-groomed and well-suited to a corporate environment; able to pitch to clients for contracts, and get new business leads from walk-ins.

Keep communications clear: Being transparent about your products’ features helps. Avoid being humorous with business associates at such events as not everyone will enjoy the joke. Also, avoid an overload of information, and respond to all queries in as simple and to-the-point language as possible. Avoid gimmicks or a clutter of representational visuals or content. Avoid a hardcore approach for pitching or advertising, as this might make you appear pushy and turn people off.

Give away goodies: Giving away keepsakes or a miniature product related to your business, keeps things interesting, fun and can also be a crowd-puller. Examples of good giveaways are popcorn, juice, mints, cupcakes and eco-friendly keepsakes, and keep things light and easy, even in a serious business-like environment. Organise relevant online/offline contests for a larger audience with prizes and vouchers, and save all participation forms as it helps you acquire more contacts.

Get on social media: While coverage from journalists and trade fair analysts at such events helps you get free publicity, also ensure that you create a social media presence and keep updating posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and such. These could be in the form of live updates, pictures, blogs, business articles and more. Sharing and reposting media articles and videos gets you visibility with minimal effort, manpower and expense at your end.

Watch your body language: Dress well and neatly, as appearances matter at trade fairs. Avoid sitting when you have walk-ins approaching your kiosk, and be proactive and move about to meet potential clients and associates. Smile, listen carefully to what people have to ask or say and speak only if you have something relevant to add. Keep things like business cards, catalogs, pamphlets and display items handy to save time if you have to give them out.

Follow up after the fair: Follow up with leads immediately after the event is over. Thank old buyers for their support and arrange for meetings with newer vendors. Try to connect with every person who entered your kiosk; it’s recommended to keep a visitors book to maintain their records. In case you’ve received a moderate response to your participation in the trade fair, look for quality leads. The quality of the inquiry matters more than the quantity of walk-ins, and with a proper follow up, you can still generate good business.

What are some other ways in which you can maximize your trade fair participation? Share your views with us.

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4 Reasons To Exhibit in a Trade Show


Exhibiting in a Trade Show has its share of boons – greater visibility, media coverage, direct communication with clients, vendors and buyers and also to stay abreast of your competitors. Here are four reasons to exhibit in a Trade Show –

Holistic Product Experience: In general, people respond to sensory stimuli and a trade show is full of varied multifaceted dimensions. So every person visiting your kiosk is completely involved in experiencing the product through their five senses while also taking into consideration the monetary aspects. Especially with a sector like interiors, furnishings and architectural products; potential business partners, buyers, vendors, franchisors need to be able to see the colours and touch the varied textures. This helps them experience the ambiance your products create, see the finishing of designed products and also all the finer details in their entirety.

Exposure & Brand Building: Trade show is a gathering of industry people relevant to your business sector who understand the foundation of your products, the details involved, client base and most importantly the commercials generated. Trade shows are perfect platforms for brand exposure, as they give any enterprise a chance to reposition their brand, increase product awareness, gain direct publicity, conduct market surveys, and get visibility in online for more print and other media. Since a trade fair often affects the economy at large, it is also opportune to connect with international buyers, tradesmen and merchants. Another great advantage of exhibiting at trade fairs is the organic ‘word-of- mouth advertising’ as you connect directly with your clientele, and clearly communicate your brand products and other market factors. Trade fairs also aid in strengthening relations with existing clients, franchisors and vendors who want to stay abreast of your newer offerings.

Check Your Competition: Trade Fairs allow an enterprise to check out your competitor’s products on the same platform. From their display, marketing strategy, pricing to pitching plan, here’s a chance to absorb all that keeps them in business. See which are the new products they have so can upgrade your own, learn & observe your buyers requirements, attend presentations and demonstrations to know more about the market. This keeps your ideas fresh, keeps you ambitious and goal-oriented to survive in the ever-evolving business world.

Product Platform: Trade Fairs are a great investment if you know how to maximise your resources. They are a great platform to launch new products as you are already present at a venue thriving with businessmen, buyers, vendors and franchisors. You have manpower i.e your product team and your product displays can be arranged to launch your latest offerings. Since trade fairs are extensively covered by print, online and other media – you are assured of relevant exposure and visibility at all levels. Your old clientele and new buyers are already at the same venue, so you can make direct contact and save on advertising costs. Exhibiting at trade fairs help you save time and money and make for very lucrative platforms to launch new products and give a fresh look to your classic ones.

Which are the some of the reasons why you would exhibit in a trade fair? Share your views with us.

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How Trade Fairs Can Boost Your Business


Trade fairs can give exhibitors immense boost to their business via the large-scale exposure, direct communication with buyers, media coverage, and greater marketing opportunities. Here are some of the ways in which visiting/participating in a trade fair can boost your business.

Fresh Business Leads: Trade Shows give brands and enterprises a large scale opportunity to connect with old and new buyers, vendors, franchisors and meet newer associates. Walk-ins at such events are in a greater number and these could be potential business partners/collaborators out on field work to gain fresh business ideas; so give them a few minutes of your time and give them a good presentation/demonstration to your product range. In case, you’re attending to many people at once, keep a visitor book ready to note down their contact details and also ensure you exchange business cards.

Direct Communication: Trade Fairs are opportune to speak to your target audience directly and be more transparent about the information shared. Emails, smses, press releases are often tiresome or get spammed/ignored and these don’t guarantee that your business associate has complete clarity or product knowledge to make a business deal. These events also let you connect with your old buyers and take feedback on the existing partnership and give it new life through co-operative plans. Another bonus of trade fairs is the positive media coverage you gain as your brand and product range get free publicity and reach out to a larger audience through trusted channels and other journalistic means.

Sales Experiments: Trade fairs are a highly responsive environment with instant feedback and communication so optimise your resources for sales, other avenues of garnering business partners. Explore newer channels of sales and marketing like sponsoring events at the trade fair, taking up banners and hoardings for advertisements, distributing pamphlets, catalogue, having TV units running your ads and contests with lucky draw prizes.

Launch New Products: Trade evens are perfect times to showcase new products of your organization among relevant target audience. Co-ordinate with organizers more easily and invite industry influencers to view and review your products to get quality coverage for print and online media sharing. Give direct demonstrations about your new range at no extra advertising costs as you’re already at a live venue amidst your vendors and buyers, with a company display of your entire portfolio of offerings and like this will support the transactions.

What are some of the reasons you feel trade shows can boost your business? Share your views with us.

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