Things to keep in mind while designing workspaces

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India has witnessed a huge boom in business workspaces over the last few years. And this sector is set to grow further, particularly keeping in mind technological advances, and the rapid evolution of workspaces in terms of design and employer and employee expectations.  The Index Trade Fair, to be held in Mumbai in May, thus presents a unique opportunity to everyone in the workspace realm to get up to date with the latest trends, as this has been the largest office furniture show since 1989.

Here are some points to keep in mind while designing for workspaces:


It is important that workspace furniture is designed with a flexible layout that can easily adapt to new and changing requirements.  Modular soft seating, modular workbenches, desk pods, meet point tables, collaborative and breakout furniture, and acoustic elements: these are all examples of smart office furniture choices to support a well-designed, high-functioning and adaptable workplace visit page.


It is not just important that workspace furniture be flexible, adaptive and value for money. It should also be able to support the technology in use at the moment. For example, units that incorporate wireless charging devices are slowly receiving interest from consumers.


Since every workspace also has to consider the health of its employees, office furniture must be designed so that it improves and promotes well-being and productivity in the workplace. This is an aspect that has been embraced by architects and designers recently, but will gain more importance in the future.

You’ll find the best and well-designed office furniture at Index 2018 as it is a one of-a-kind office furniture trade show. The Index furniture exhibition will showcase the best workspace furniture and designs in India and across the world, as it features exhibitors from all sectors of industry, including market leaders, who will feature their cutting-edge products, trends and designs.

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